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Realise Your
Leadership Impact

Coaching at Blue Granite is driven by our clients’ aspirations: the leadership outcomes and impact they seek for themselves. We customise each coaching engagement to a client’s unique background, strengths, environment and objectives. 


Through the process, our clients shift their thinking to discern their best self as a leader and apply this expanded self-awareness to advance toward the leadership impact they seek. 

We provide a range of customised Executive Leadership Development Services for leaders at C-suite, Partner and Senior Operational levels. Our services extend to Classroom and Group Facilitation, Group Coaching, and Advisory Services relating to Leadership Development and Succession Planning. 



“The sessions were motivating, not draining, 
even when tackling the tougher issues. His questions
often took me down a path I didn’t always anticipate,
but always led me to the right conclusion.”

National Marketing Partner, Professional Services

The Blue Granite Approach

At Blue Granite Coaching we ground our engagements in a safe, supportive environment of mutual respect and trust. We apply a co-active coaching approach, which opens our clients to self-discovery and new thinking to put fresh perspectives and insights to work in service of stronger leadership impact. 


We collaborate with clients and their sponsors to establish clear agreement on where coaching will focus and how the process and relationship will operate. As required, we employ a variety of methods to gather and apply validated data and observations across intellectual, emotional and physical dimensions to reveal diverse perspectives on leadership effectiveness and opportunities for greater strength. 


Through the coaching process we support the client as they consider the implications of this awareness and apply it toward new leadership actions they can take in pursuit of their professional and personal goals. 

All Blue Granite engagements are personally overseen by Alan Booth. 


Alan's professional experience spans almost four decades in leadership roles across a broad range of Talent disciplines in the Financial Services and Professional Services sectors. As a partner in the largest global professional services firm for over 14 years, he led various innovations in learning and leadership development, and serving as an advisory partner on leadership and executive succession matters.


As a coach, Alan honours the opportunity to work with his clients with a commitment to being fully present to consider the whole person across intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions. Through his coaching he invites clients to consider new perspectives on themselves and their impact on others, the implications of that awareness and actions they can take in pursuit of their goals.


Alan has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, York University
and a Certificate in Executive Coaching from the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Alan holds an Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation. He is also certified in The Leadership Circle Profile™ and
Business Chemistry™ Assessment. 

We are always ready for a discussion on leadership aspirations. 

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